Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Picture Day

I thought I'd have to chalk this one up in the "What The Hell Was I Thinking" category. You know, Bill, our moms, impatient children, all trying to get a good shot. Well, it was none of the above that basically ruined the photo shoot. It was the fact that it was 50 minutes past our 10:10am appointment and we still hadn't stepped foot in the portrait studio. If I wanted an 11am appointment, I would have made it for that time! I know my kids. I know what times of the day they are going to cooperate and what times are bordering on lunch and nap times,the times when things might not go so well. That is why I made the appointment for a time when they have eaten breakfast, maybe even a snack, and are in good moods. It is not yet the down swing to lunch and afternoon nap. We have had pictures taken at Portrait Innovations before (different location) and loved them. There was a short wait at that one, but nothing outrageous. I'm not sure how a place could only be open for 1 hour and be an hour behind, other than the fact that the cram so many appointments on the books and "hope" the kids will be on their best and whisk them in and out. As the manager told me "our business model is all about the children and sometimes that means delays." No kidding. If your business is all about the children then you would know that the last place they are going to do what you want them to do is when you are shelling out big bucks for the portrait to adorn your family photo wall, so DON'T SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS EVERY 10 MINUTES!!!! By pushing my kids over the limit, they lost money on us. We had 1 workable shot of Reagan alone. Workable. Not fabulous. Nolan, well he is a different bird. We had a tough time picking his best shot. The family ones are fine, except for Reagan (and my moms freshly dyed hair--hey even she admitted it wasn't the best.) Reagan was just so over the whole thing and only wanted me to hold her. I'm amazed we got what we did. The photographer was really skilled at catching just the right moment. She also caught a candid moment between Reagan and Nolan that was the only shot of them together. We are calling it "The Kiss." Reagan likes to Kiss Nolan on the head. The other night they were both fussy so they came to hang out in bed with us. Reagan didn't realize Nolan was already there and I quietly asked Bill exactly where Nolan was in bed. It was dark and I didn't want to sit on him. When she heard his name, she started saying "Nolee, Nolee, Nolee" and reaching for him, until she found him and planted one on his dome with a loud "MMMMWAAHH." I figured it would calm her down if I told her Nolan needed a kiss. It did......for a minute. So, here the photos. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Enjoy. Laugh. I can now. We bumped into a fellow MoM (mom of multiples) and a high school friend of mine while getting the pictures done. She said her kids went for pictures at 18 months and not again until they were 4. That might be the plan for us! If only we hadn't started the running portrait wall.......
Sticking her tongue out at the picture lady.
The good one. It was just supposed to Grammy and grandkids, but Reagan was having none of that.
It looks like she is trying to pull a tooth
not bad.
Oy. What a motley crew.
The Austin Powers Kids. This is the one we ended up with. This.
Not our fault!
Come here Grandma, let me see how springy that curl is.
Out of smiles.
Where is Mommy
The one time Reagan looks at the camera, no one else is.
I love this one, even if Reagan is 2 seconds away from meltdown. And away we go.......
The only decent one of Reagan.
Laser eyes.
The kiss.
Nice Britney Spears shot.
Nope, not going to sit on this floor.
Give me a minute to adjust here.
What is up with Nolan's pants? It does not look comfy.
There you have it!

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Falcon said...

Looks like a FUN morning!!!! We like the comments with the photos.
Some great shots. You sure have a lot of shots. About the way I take photos. A lot of shots and hope to get a few good one.
Uncle Ed and Aunt Eleanor