Monday, November 17, 2008

Then & Now

I've heard from several people that they like the comparison pics so here you go. It's also a quick blog post.... I don't want to get yelled at for not keeping the blog up to date because I'm on facebook all the time :)
November 2007
This was from the photo session I did for last years Christmas card.
In their Alcatraz Swim Team shirts. Little butterballs.
November 2008
At the mall germground playground
Watching a "show." They go to the TV and yell SHOW SHOW. Reagan usually requests "Pabo" (Pablo from the Backyardigans) and Nolan asks for "Eintine" (Baby Einstein.)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you heard my feedback! I cant help it. You are the mom I want to be as far as cute stories, pictures, etc.... -Carrie