Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Last Few Days

Wow, 5 days went by in a blur. We have been non-stop at the pchak household since Halloween.
Saturday we had some family over to celebrate my Grandpa's 86th birthday. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and UB enjoyed indoctrinating the kids with Cowboys gear and a cheerleader outfit for Reagan. Grandpa sporting a new Browns hat.
Sunday we tailgated before the painful Browns game. I have never felt the wind go out of 80,000 fans collectively like I did last Sunday. What a disappointment.
My three stooges..... (Bill adds: Just one of countless,"last known photo", Duran Duran poses that Ed & I have done over the years. You'd be surprised at some of the "guest" band members that have been in the photos.)
Pretty day, clear sky....until after halftime
cool clouds rolled in for the 3rd quarter
At least we had fun in the team shop :) Looks like Romeo has a new career path.
Monday was a day to catch up. I dropped off my absentee ballot and did a bunch of other errands before we started the new session of gym and swim at the Y. There is only 1 other child in the class and, while it is nice to have lots of room in the pool I like it when there are lots of other kids to interact with. Kind of the whole point of taking them to these classes.
Tuesday Uncle Bob came over and we put him to work. It is so nice that he offers to help out around the house when he is here for a visit. It means a job is going to get crossed off our list and it will be done perfectly. This visit he painted our front and side doors. They look awesome. He spent the night (our first overnight guest in this house) and finished the job up on Wednesday. The kids got used to him being around pretty quickly and Reagan cried when he left....which started Nolan crying (no idea what he was crying about, but hey, his sister was doing it so he might as well too!)
Tomorrow is story time and probably the last of the really nice weather so I'm sure we will hit the park. If I'm not really down with the cold that Nolan and Reagan have so kindly passed on to me.
Anyway, a rather boring post but it gets you up to date on what we have been up to.


Anonymous said...

Reagan in the cheerleader outfit is priceless!!! Hope your cold isn't too bad - Matt Jr. has a doozy but we have been getting as much outside time as we can. Talk to you soon ;)


Elsha said...

I love reagans cheerleader cute is that!!!! Like the Browns colours.... umm why isn't it brown though? lol

shel said...

The colors are brown and orange (and white). The do have a brown jersey, but my metro-sexual husband and his friends like the orange better :) LOL