Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tricks & Treats

Reagan and Nolan had fun going around to friends and family's houses and getting sweet things to eat for Halloween.
The Great Pumpkin paid them a visit in the morning after breakfast. They got lots of new books, a DVD, and new rubber ducks.
The started the day visiting their Aunt Mary and getting tootsie pop #1 for the day.
Then they stopped at Daddy's office for cookies and smarties.
Nolan doing the sign (his version) of more!
Next stop was Grandma Pchaks, where they spied bananas and enjoyed two.
After a good afternoon snooze, we headed to Trader Jacks for dinner.
Reagan flipping me the bird.
my other little bird....
Our 1st trick or treat stop was Uncle Sam & Aunt Debs. Tootsie pop #2 followed.
Nolan traded his blue tootsie for his other favorite thing to suck on.
The following picture of Ginger is NOT altered at all. I took it through Sam & Deb's front window and this is how it can out. Whoa, Ginger, tame down the devil eyes girlie.
We then headed to Aunt Eleanor's where the treat du jour was donuts. Reagan picked the most messy of the dozen. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. You go girl!
Our last stop of the night was Grammy's. The Great Pumpkin left Reagan and Nolan lots of good stuff there. They also went to a few neighbors houses to visit, but by this point we had one tired chick and a sleepy skunk on our hands.
nolan's blue tootsie pop. They came home, caught a second wind and ran off some of the sugar energy before drifting off to dream of tootsie pops, donuts, and smarties.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Can not believe the fun the kids had and all the running. Reagan and Nolan are so beautiful and the costumes made them stand out. The photos in the 20 year BLog look familiar.
Uncle Ed and Aunt Eleanor