Monday, September 22, 2008

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Being the green mommy that I am trying to be, I brought all my reusable bags into Giant Eagle this morning. Not my fave store, but I was pressed for time, meaning I had about an hour before the kids melted down and needed a nap. I even lined the groceries up on the belt the way I would like them packed so unpacking is that much easier for me. Call me OCD, but I can get the kids in the house, down for a nap AND get the groceries unpacked in 10 minutes. It remains a mystery why the person doing the bagging didn't use all my bags and instead put the gallon jugs of milk in the cheap plastic bags. The kids were getting their last licks in at "driving" the car cart, the one where they are low to the ground in the front of the cart, as I was loading groceries into the mom-mobile. I only had the two gallons of milk to go and we were done. I picked up the first one, the bottom of the bag promptly let loose. The gallon of milk bounced of the roof of the car cart, hit the ground hard causing it to compress and burst on the side thus splattered Vitamin D all over Nolan, me, and the cart. I'm not sure what scared him more, being doused with cold milk or his mommy yelling the "queen mother of all curse words" as the river of milk ran through my crocs. So, yes, sometimes there is a reason to cry over spilled milk!

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