Saturday, September 13, 2008

Me & Nolan

Even though Nolan is under the weather, he is still the sweetest boy ever.
He and I stayed in Saturday night, while Daddy and Reagan met Sam & Deb for dinner. Like Friday night with Reagan, it was so nice to have one on one time with my boy. I just wish it hadn't happened because he was sick.
He shared his dinner with me, a banana and meatloaf (it was all I could get in him). We built a tower of blocks and then knocked it down, we watched TV, and then took a bath. He mainly just wanted his Mommy to hold him and that was fine with me!

Nolan had a nice bath to help bring his fever down. I think he liked having the tub all to himself. When it was time to get PJ's on, we went into his room and I was getting the stuff out of his dresser. When I turned around to call him over to the changing table, this is what he was doing. I just had to laugh and go get the camera. My boy riding his Porsche Boxster in the buff! Daddy said the only way this could have been better is if he would have been wearing his new camouflage mucker boots (that look like hip waders on him since they are too big.)

Nolan has really started to talk in the last few weeks. He says shoes in the cutest way. It is dragged out and he his mouth forms an O and pouts out.... shoooooewwwwsss, he says. Another favorite is ba-na-na. He also says block, moon, camera, circle, boat, ball, momma, daddy, coffee, kitty, dog and puppy. He is really blossoming in the vocabulary area. He no longer repeatedly asks "What's That?" Instead he asks once and then tries to repeat what you tell him.

I picked up two life-size Elmo's at the Moms of Multiples Sale and I was watching Nolan play with one. He was so cute. He took his paci out and put it in Melmo's mouth (or just Mo as he is being called these days.) He gave him kisses and then used him as a pillow before dragging him over to share with me.

Such a sweet little man. I hope he stays this kind forever.

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