Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just Say It

Thank goodness I have these kids to make me smile. It has been a rough week. Reagan's latest funnies..... she calls "pickles" "puckles" and Elmo is Elbow. We met my mom for dinner the other night and they were being so silly. They were both laughing out loud like mad scientists. They had the whole place in stitches. Modeling their new winter hats.....sort of. Now that they climb on EVERYTHING, they "sit" in this chair a lot. It is where I took a lot of their week by week shots last year. Here is a side-by-side. My what a difference a year makes. Something else I have running around this empty head of mine.... On Monday, someone said something to me that really made a difference. Bryan's sister-in-law and our friend, Laurie, told me how much Bryan really treasured mine and Bill's friendship. That he really enjoyed the time we spent together. If there is something you have been meaning to tell someone- about how much they mean to you, or that you appreciate the little things they do, or just that you love them and treasure them-- do it. Who knows, that person might be having a bad day and you could turn things around for them or maybe they just need to hear it even though they know it.

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Dr. Zombie said...

LOL. I can't tell which picture I like better... the cute little hat with the pigtails (which you know I'D totally wear myself.) or the Browns colored hat.

I'm an evil undead genius, dammit! Must...fight...the...cute!!!