Friday, September 12, 2008

A "Date" With My Girl

Nolan is sick. Fever. Runny nose. Can't sleep. Won't eat. No fun for any of us. We had dinner plans with John, Jan, Fred & Linda for Friday at Bar Cento, but it was apparent that Nolan was in no shape to go out of the house, let alone out of his PJ's. Bill offered to stay home with him since he was out Thursday night for a going away party and I had Nolan glued to me for 15 hours. I felt really bad leaving him. Those rosy cheeks flush with fever, watery eyes, runny nose capped off with the big green paci pulled at my mommy heartstrings. (yes, I'm letting him have the paci out of the crib while he is miserable.) Reagan and I said our bye-bye's and set off on a girls adventure. I always say it and have intentions of spending more one on one time with each child, but we don't actually do it. We need to make the effort.
Reagan and I had a really good time and she was an excellent girl at dinner. She laughed when all the grown ups did, she ate and ate and ate; practically devouring half of the sour cherry bread pudding. She seemed to really have a nice evening.
(Not from our girls night out, just a recent pic of Reagan being Reagan.)
She is just smart as a whip. There is a building as you are going into downtown that has whales painted on it. She has seen it a handful of times. Tonight, before we even got to the building she started to yell "fishies!" How does she know?!??!?! She is only 16 months old. Both she and Nolan know the sights around their neighborhood. They know the boats are down the hill when we get near the river and they enthusiastically point out the "BALL" at the soccer field. She has a large vocabulary and will repeat a lot of what you tell her. She now says "girl", but it comes out ggggrrlll. Yesterday my mom said Okey Dokey and she answered "Dokey, Dokey, Okey". In addition to all the words she has been saying for months, she now says, broom, moon, shoes, mommy, tree, yellow, purple, block.......just about anything you say, she tries to repeat. Time to clean up our acts! We heard that Nolan and Dad had a nice time, even though Nolan was under the weather. Saturday night is Daddy's turn for a "date." Nolan and I will be staying in. I'm sure the pchaks4 will all have a nice evening.

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