Monday, September 15, 2008

Then Out Went The Lights

The wind blew so hard on Sunday night that we lost power for 12 hours right around 7pm. Too bad the same thing didn't happen at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Reagan has developed a fear of the dark so that made things a little rough. Nolan went right to sleep, but not Reagan. She ended up coming downstairs with Bill and I as we sat around the living room with our outdoor solar powered lanterns that Bill pulled out of the landscaping (good thinking), listened to the Browns game on the radio (would have been better off not doing that), ate peach cobbler (gotta love fresh fruit in season), and "read" picture books over and over. She finally ended up going to bed around 10pm. Nolan woke up screaming at midnight. What a night! We took them to the doctor Monday since Nolan has been running a fever off and on since Friday. Reagan went along for the ride because she had a fever for a brief time Sunday, but seemed fine after that. Better safe than sorry. Turns out our little guy has a double ear infection. No wonder he woke up screaming and holding his head. A few doses of amoxicillin down his throat and he is feeling better already! Saturday while Daddy and Reagan were out, I noticed some lumps on Nolan's head along his incision area while I was washing his hair. Of course I panicked, but in the back of my mind I tried to remind myself that Dr. Papay, his surgeon, mentioned he would be lumpy for some time after surgery. I just didn't like that these were two new BIG lumps, one at the soft spot and the other above the right ear at the incision. I called first thing Monday morning and got a call back by 11am. The lumps are normal. It is bone growing and healing. He will be lumpy for up to a year after surgery. Completely normal. Completely normal for Mommy to panic each times she finds a new lump too, I suppose. Something that made me feel good about his surgery was that the doctor we saw on Monday was not our regular ped. When she looked at Nolan's chart she asked about his cranio surgery. She had to ask me where the scar was. She trained under Dr. Papay so she knew where to look. Damn good work. The man is amazing. Here's some pictures to catch up on what Reagan and Nolan have been up to besides being sick. Our neighbors brought chocolate pudding over. The kids didn't care for the taste, but they sure enjoyed "finger painting" with it. We are back to story time at the library with Grammy-yea! My sickie. He would drag Elmo around and just plop down wherever he felt like it. It was all too quiet in the living room so I stopped cooking dinner to check in. Reagan was very interested in my Wine Buzz magazine. Yes, we are raising little wine-o's! She was so serious about "reading" every page!

(Bill adds: too bad that's a GE ad in the picture. Ed Wept. ;-)

Nolan jumped into the pic at the last second.

The girl LOVES corn!

These are from Labor Day weekend. Hanging out at Uncle Sam & Aunt Deb's. Way too amused by the bag that holds their beach toys.

Nolan pointing to Reagans belly "bucky". At least that is what it is called in our house.

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