Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog Goes Up, Blog Goes Down....Just Like Platelet Counts

Just to keep the fam/friends not on facebook up-to-date (sorry it wasn't sooner, blogger has been down for almost 2 days).....

We got a call on Wednesday that Nolan's counts were up to 69,000. A nice jump from 37,000. He was still not allowed to be "normal" though and we were told once his counts get over 100,000 then he can go back to being rough and tumble with no worries for internal bleeding. They told me to make an appt with our primary doc and have his levels rechecked in one week. As soon as we hung up, I got that appt. scheduled.

Thursday rolled around and I got a call from the Cleveland Clinic that they want to monitor Nolan a bit more closelyand had assigned a hemotologist to him (my guess is because of his cranio surgery, but no one is telling me that.) They wanted him to get bloodwork on Friday to check the count.

I went about my day on Friday thinking they were going to call back and tell me Nolan could go back to riding his bike and bouncing on the trampoline. That was not the case. When they called back at 3p with the results, his platelet count dropped to 48,000.

What does this mean? More bloodwork on Monday. If the numbers are down again then he will be readmitted to CCF.

This is one roller coaster I don't want my boy to be on.

He seems outwardly fine. He doesn't complain about anything and wants to do all the things he is not allowed. It is so hard to keep him down!

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