Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prayer Pics for Nolan

I received an email from my friend, Ashley, today. It made me cry until Nolan came along and saw his name on the computer and thought it was really "cool beans."

It touched me deeply, that even though Ash is far away and has way more than enough on her plate (she is a Navy Wife and currently a single parent to two little ones while her hubby is off keeping us safe and catching the bads guys while aboard the USS Vinson), she is still thinking about my little boy.

Here is the email.....

"So I read this blog a while back that this lady wrote, and her baby was sick. She asked her readers to say prayers, and as evidence that they were listening they took pictures of the babies name in cool places. She ended up getting pics of his name by the Eiffel Tower, at the beach, ect. ect.

So since I can't do anything else to help out- I am started "Prayer Pics for Nolan." (and of course for Reagan too.)

Here are ours- sidewalk chalk.

Prayers headed your way from San Diego. I think you should spread the word ;)
Good luck with everything. Thanks for keeping me updated."

So, if anyone is inclined, send me a picture and where it was taken and I will post it.

I know so many people have us in their thoughts already and for that, our family is thankful. Nolan's had a few challenges in his short life already and this is yet another one we will tackle together; with the thoughts and prayers of our friends and family holding us up.


Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Ash said...

I guess I should start proof reading my emails! HAHAHA
I glad this has made you smile- I hope you get tons of them.