Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Kid Is A Kid Is A Kid....

So this blog is usually about my kids, but today I'm going to talk about three other kids:

Monika Martic, Alex Skrabski & Kayla McCauley--They are high school kids doing college course work and work study through Ohio College Tech Prep.

I've never met these kids, but my husband is mentoring them through his work, Avery Dennison. He has done this for several years and this year these hardworking kids have managed to win the regional & state competetion for the mobile app they designed and can now move on to 2011 SkillsUSA National Leadership competition

Or can they?

They expected to receive more financial assistance from their high school, but they are not. Avery has kicked in everything they can and a couple of other companies have kicked in some cash, but they are still about $3,000 short of their goal.

This blog explains the project.

They might not be my kids, but they are someone elses hardworking kids and they deserve this chance to shine.

If you can spare a few dollars and help them out, please donate here.

Look at it as an investment in all of our futures!  

Thank you!

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