Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going Up

Nolan's platelet count was 369,000 today. That is awesome news!
Raegan, Nolan's nurse, (ironic, huh) warned me to not get too excited as they could still fall, but we'll take this victory and try not to think about it for one week when he has the next blood draw.

I still can't help feel like I need to hold him back from being rough and tumble with his sister and friends. I've told him NO so many times when he asks to do things that it has become my standard answer. He has taken it all very well and, for the most part, not done the things I've told him to do. His gestapo sister has also helped keep him in line. They were playing at the neighbors (diagonally behind us) and I was sitting on our deck and I could hear her telling Nolan, "remember you are not allowed to bounce in the trampoline."

We will just keep doing quiet things, like visit our animal friends at the zoo, play at the Botanical Garden, and visit all the local libraries, while slowly working back in the other stuff.

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