Monday, May 16, 2011

Today's Prayer Pics For Nolan....And He Needs Them

Nolan's platelet count dropped to 18,000 so it is back to the hospital for him on Tuesday morning for another round of IVIG. Of course, he couldn't be in the 90% that only need 1 round and are fine. :(

As I posted yesterday, my friend Ashley started a "Prayer Pics For Nolan" campaign and we got some really cool ones today. Thanks again, Ashley! It is heartwarming to know that people took the time out of their day to think of my little guy (and his twin sis, too.)

The Zahn family- Clearwater FL.

The Lin Family Chesterland, OH

Mercer Babies San Diego, CA 

 The Augustine Family Eastlake, OH

Eadon Family, Cleveland OH
Fatima Gomez- Catalina Island, CA
(I would really like to visit Fatima and thank her in person, beautiful, right?!)

Thank you everyone that has posted messages on facebook and called us. We all appreicate it very much.

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