Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long Weekend

What a glorious weekend we had. Not too much rain, got some things accomplished, and spent time with friends.

Tomorrow is blood work day, so I'll be back to being on pins & needles.

Ready to ride the rails with Thomas The Tank Engine.

 Looking out for "alligators" since it was so swampy.
 ready to party at winking lizard luau.
 My boys.
 Helping Uncle Sam get the fire goin' for smores.
Bounce & Slide

Nonny & Grandpa's 30th Anniversary
The best cupcakes ever. Salty Caramel is my fave :)
Some friends didn't have as good a weekend as we did. Our friend, Bob, lost his mom and my friend, Mary's mom is in the hospital. If you have a good thought to spare for them, please do. Their moms are a very important part of their lives and this is a difficult time for both of them. It is hard to see your friends hurting when there isn't much you can do.

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