Monday, May 5, 2008

Here It Comes.....

The big day is quickly approaching. We've got a roof leak, a plumbing problem, and they are now calling for rain on Saturday!!!! All things I have no control over, so no use dwelling on it. I am going to try to pretty up the yard a little today and plant some flowers. At least that is the plan, we all know how that works! I was thinking back to last year at this time. I know I was an emotional wreck. I went back to my old blog and looked at the posts to better remember the basket case I was. It didn't come through in my posts as much as I remember. Here is a post from 5/3/07 The cribs came on Saturday and the room is finally complete!!!! I really like it and I hope the babies are happy in it. I would have loved a reading/window seat like they have when I was a kid. It is so warm and inviting. I'm not sure they will really appreciate it if we move before they are old enough to remember. Tomorrow is our final doctors appointment. SO hard to believe. I think back to our first appointment when she gave us the tentative due date of May 17 and said if we made it to 36 weeks the babies would be good, and that is only 2 days away. At that time it seemed that it would take forever to get here and it is now upon us. I'm going to miss the babies kicking me and the hiccups and I take time everyday to soak it in since this will probably be the only time I'll ever have these feelings. It is so amazing when you really stop and think about it. I think I've done my best to make the babies healthy and strong and I'll try my best to continue to do so. Funny. The babies never spent a night in that nursery. They were in a co-sleeper in our room or a crib in the office at the old house. Moving happened a lot sooner than I guess I was planning for. I look at them now and imagine them when they were little beans we saw on a TV screen. Now they are walking, babbling (I actually think they speak Mandarin), laughing, and are eating machines and it is so hard to remember that time and it has only been a year. Anyone who has suffered through infertility knows that if you are lucky enough to have a child you never exactly forget all you went through. I do know that we won the in vitro lottery and I thank God everyday for Dr. Loret de Mola and Vicky the embryologist that watched over our 10 little indians in the lab and took care of the 5 that made it. I think about the 2 popciscle kids we have on ice and what they would have turned out like if they had been picked to be transferred on Sept 11, 2006. Anyway.... Reagan and Nolan love these baby faces. You can hear them laugh and Reagan gets going about 40 seconds in and starts saying "baby" over and over. Love it!


Diane said...

Reagan and Nolan are so cute! They play together so well! I was wondering who is the author of the book they are looking at. I wanted to buy it for Jaylynn. She loves babies! :)

LosingandLovingIt (Diane)

shell said...

Hi Diane-
It is Mrs. Mustard's Baby Faces by Jane Wattenberg. The LOVE looking at the faces and saying BABEEEEEE! You can get it on amazon. I'm sure Jaylynn will love it!