Friday, May 23, 2008

Week In Pictures

I have been lax in my blogging. Sorry. Just a lot going on and, even though Nolan's upcoming surgery is minor compared to January I'm starting to freak out about it.

I'm still working on the birthday party pictures. I promise to have those up in the next day or so as well video of Reagan WALKING. We knew she wouldn't be too far behind Nolan and she is on the verge on a good walk. Right now it is about 5 steps and then down.

Deer visiting Reagan

Loving Dinner, especially the peas

channeling Mel Gibson in Braveheart.... or just really enjoying roasted garlic sauce and tortellini (this is probably the most messy our boy has ever been)

chillin' at the Rib-Rip Off, I mean Rib Cook off

Mediterra, new bread stand at the West Side Market

Reagan enjoying a butter cookie at the market

Steak, it's whats for dinner

More meat

Kids snack

I hate to admit this, but in the 8 months we have lived here, I've walked down to the lake about 3 times to watch the sunset. I must do it more often. While I was there a lady walked down the street to watch the sunset also and we started talking. She is a cake-maker and just a downright nice person. She came into the house to write her number down and ended up staying almost 2 hours! Turns out she lives in the neighborhood I grew up in (almost bought the house right next to our old one). She also dabbles in event planning, non-profit stuff, etc. She took a bunch of Bill's DJ cards. Hey, you never know where this might lead. Anyway, she was a super nice person and I'll be sure to have her make a cake for the next special occasion.

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