Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nice Day

After a quick walk to the library, we had to go to BJ's to drop off the photos for the kids birthday cakes. Yes, I may still be in denial that they are really turning one in N-I-N-E days, but the show must go on! They love driving around the store in this cart. All the ladies handing out samples give them stuff to eat and they just drive around beeping their horns at people.

I said go that way!!!!

On the way home we stopped at the park and the kids rode the swings for the first time. They LOVED it. I think once Daddy gets theirs installed on the tree in the backyard, we may never get them out of them!

Video from the park..... listen to her "eeeeee's!"

Guess what?! You can finally see that we have a floor in our basement. You'd never have known with all the boxes all over the place for the past 8 months. Bill has been working long and hard to build a bar, wine cellar, and laudry room and it is nearing completition. I unpacked the bar stuff yesterday. It was good to see our stuff again. Hello, Cpt. Morgan! Seriously, we pitched a lot. I just kept saying "If we haven't thought about this in 8 months, do we really need it?" Nope. Out it went! It felt good. I'm also beginning to think my pool table just might fit in the basement after all.

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Elsha said...

how utterly gorgeous are those two!!!! Loved the clip :)