Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Speech

Well, the party has come and gone. My babies are officially 1 year old. I am dead tired, but here I am. Reagan is having a tough night so she and Daddy crashed after the last guests left around 10:30pm and I started cleaning up and then I brought in all the gifts they got. Well....not all of them, the 2 wagons and the art table are in the garage! I had to stop opening gifts 1/2 way through to get the kids ready for bed and my mom took over, so I don't even know what all they got, but it is sure a lot. Everyone was so generous. Of course, in my mind I had a little something I wanted to say to everyone, but at parties like this time gets away. So here is what I wanted to say today......... Bill, Reagan, Nolan and I are so lucky to have all of you in our lives. You were there for us through our struggles to have them, you were there when they were born, you moved us, you prayed for us when Nolan had surgery, and now you celebrate with us. Aunt Jane came from NYC and Uncle Bob from Dallas, just to celebrate this special day. What a year it has been and there needs to be a better word to describe how we feel about having you all in our lives; lucky doesn't cover it. So cheers to you for being our family and our friends. May we celebrate many more happy days together. More tomorrow..... I need to get to bed.

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