Tuesday, May 13, 2008

That Word Again

Reagan, Nolan, and I went to the mall today to make a return and just walk around and window shop. With the cost of gas that is about all I can afford to do these days. I was unaware that it was Senior Citizens Faire Day and the mall was packed. It took us forever to get through the mall because all the little grandma's had to stop and talk to the kids and have the same basic conversation with me..... Are they twins? A boy and a girl? What are their names? They seem like good babies. Those are nice names. You are so lucky.

There it is again. LUCKY. I had to have heard that 15 times today, no joke.

Reagan, Nolan, and I grabbed some lunch at the food court and I finally had a minute to think once they started chowing. Yep, I am lucky. Bill and I are very lucky. Our kids are amazing. Our friends are wonderful. Our family cares so much about our kids that they came from NYC and Dallas for their birthday. We have a nice house in a nice neighborhood. We want for nothing.

If I wasn't such a wuss I'd get "lucky" tattooed somewhere on my body, so I'd always have a reminder when I think otherwise.

My Little Harry Potter

(Bill adds: This picture of the little guy reminded me of those Atomic Test photos from the 1950's)

Playing in the mall

Reagan showing off her brother's paci that she stole out of his mouth.... and their new wagon! They really like it.

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