Sunday, May 18, 2008

My First Sale

I particpated in my first Moms Of Multiples sale at the fairgrounds last weekend. The kids had so many clothes that they have outgrown and this was a way to make a little extra cash and have some Mommy time. My friend Lori and I split a space and it was nice to spend time with her without one of us having to stop talking to take care of a child. It was the most time she and I have spent together since we worked together at the library.
Here is a little breakdown of how the sale went:
cost to rent space : $7.50 (split w/Lori)
-12 (while setting up I saw a caterpillar double swing for a swing set or tree)
-5 (turtle sandbox, grabbed that before the sale opened to the public)
-15 (plastic food for future kitchen for the kids)
-14 (Baby Einstein Videos & swim suits for Reagan)
-2.70 (swim trunks for Nolan & baby faces books)
+127 in sales
= $70.80
Not sure if all the time spent prepping for, setting up for, and tearing down from the sale were worth $70, but it was a fun day and a much needed break from the house.
I got a few tips from people about things I should list on Craig's List that will sell so I hope to make a little more there.
So, it is Friday and I realized I never published this post! I did make a little more from Craig's List and have two sales pending so hopefully I'll break the $150 mark.


Elsha said...

hey you did well :) Bet it was fun checking out what everyone else had for sale.

I cannot believe that Nolan is walking ~ how cute he looks!

Maxine said...

Great work.