Saturday, May 31, 2008

Big Day In Lorain County

With the cost of gas, this may have well been our Summer Vacation!

We started the day at 10am, after breakfast and baths. We stopped at the
Coit Rd. Farmers Market for some stuff. I am majorly missing my herb garden and knew I could pick up small bundles of fresh herbs. I love chives in my scrambled eggs and have been craving it since I saw a picture of a chive plant in full bloom this week. I also got some goat cheese from Lake Erie Creamery. While Bill can not stand anything goaty, I LOVE it. BAAAHHH. It appears that my son shares my love as he downed sample after sample of the creamy goodness. Reagan may lean the way of her Daddy (or ta-ta as she is calling him lately). The pretzel the cheese was on became a kind of pencil for her and she "wrote" all over her stroller tray with it. Oh well, give her time and she'll come around.

After a little shopping we headed to a birthday party at the
Lester Rail Trail in Medina. Reagan talked our ears off in the car until Enya finally lulled her to sleep. It was a really cute place to have a party and the kids were amused by the train ride. At their age, once was enough, but the other kids at the party rode many times. Reagan and Nolan enjoyed themselves and ate pretty much non-stop . Taking a look at their clothes, I see that they had Pepperoni pizza, cheese curls, blueberries, grapes, and juice boxes. They mastered the straw today as well as the juice box squeeze all kids love to do. I faintly smell of lemons when I walk thanks to Reagan giving her capri sun a hearty squeeze right into my Birkenstock. Bill likened it to the fountain at the Bellagio.

Daddy & Nolan riding the rails.

Mommy and Reagan too

We left the party around 3pm and thought the kids would pass right out. Nope, not the case. Since we are rarely in the neighborhood, we called our friends Terry & Karen to see if they were home. We stopped by and the kids toddled all around their yard for a while and were looking tired. Nope. Still no sleep.

On the way to the freeway, Bill suddenly remembered that in Elyria there is a Dog N Suds. Apparently these were popular in the 60's when Bill was growing up. I wouldn't know. ha ha The quest began. After logging on the internet from his phone I was able to find a Dog N Suds dog wash in Elyria, but no place serving 'dogs. A quick stop at the gas station (gee, asking someone actually won out over technology) led us down the right path to artery clogging goodness.

We ordered......and ordered.....and ordered. Bill needed to get in all his favorites from back in the day. A foot long Coney Dog, a Texas Burger, fries, rings, and root beer. The kids got a grilled cheese and corn dogs (hey, when in Rome.) I opted for a regular size coney dog and root beer.

The wait began........Bill and the kids (well, OK, just Bill) watched the door, waiting for hotdiggity dog goodness to come forth.

.......and then it came......

...... and they conquered......


It was a fun family day. Despite not really having naps they kids did well and seemed to enjoy themselves. While it takes a while to pack for these day trips, they sure are fun now that the kids are a little older and more interactive. Hopefully we will have a few more of these all-dayers this summer.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't believe you found a DogNSuds!!! I have such fond childhood memories of those dogs and the best rootbeer ever! (and I am only a little bit older than you Shel) Please share where in Elyria I can feed my inner child a coney dog :)


katedaphne said...

What a cute blog you have! It sounds you your family had a really fun day!

Thanks for writing a post about me, I'm so touched. Still numb, but it helps to know so many people care.

Anonymous said...

OMG Shell, I can't believe that you don't remember DogNSuds!! I think it was on 306 when we were kids. The rootbeer was to die for, apparently, you were a deprived child!!! You'll have to give me directions, I'm am in dire need of a fix now!!