Sunday, June 1, 2008

She Walks!

We knew Reagan wouldn't be too far behind Nolan. It is monkey see, monkey do in this household. And she is off...... Reagan and Nolan are just little sponges these days. They are soaking up things left and right and getting it!!! Yesterday Reagan made a hiss sound. I told her that is what the snake says. Today I asked her if she remembered what the snake said and she sure did. I got a great big HHHHIIISSSS. Most kids moo or meow first. Not my daughter. Nolan is picking up on this one as well. Nolan and my mom play catch a lot and today I asked him to go get me the ball. Sure enough he looked all around the room until he saw it and went over and scooped it up. They also give each other hugs. You tell them to give hugs and they get close and say "ahhh." That is just the best. Nolan is working on kisses, although it is more like a fish pucker, but that is my fault since I'm teaching them what the fishy says. I am in awe when I ask them where their feet are and they look down, or when they hear a plane and I tell them to look in the sky..... and they do . When we leave their room, you tell Nolan to turn off the light and he does it. Just growing up too fast!

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