Wednesday, June 4, 2008

That was Quick.

(thank God).

(posted by Bill)

Just got a call from John. Nolan is already out of surgery. Dr. Krakovitz said it only took about a half hour (plus the hour to gently put Nolan under), and it ended up being close to the surface. He sent it to pathology, but it appears to be cartilege (affirming his "accessory ear" hypothesis). He's a little groggy, but mommy is in giving him something to eat. He will be able to come home today! He may be cranky for a few days, but he will be at home recuperating!

I'll let Miss Reagan know when she wakes from her morning snooze. After her breakfast of cinammon toast and banana a la minute, and most of a bottle of milk, Reagan P. enjoyed a casual (but normal) day of playing, watching Super Why and Grandpa Fred (Griffith) on Good Company Today, she went right to sleep for her nap.


Nancy Heller said...

Praise be! I am glad that the surgery is over and that it all went well. Big hugs to all!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!!! Thanks for the update :)