Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

The pchaks X 4 have been very busy this weekend both at work and play.

Friday afternoon we took the kids to the Perry Outdoor Y. This place rocks. Our kids love the water, so we will be trekking out there often. They have the regular pools, but they also have a water play pool with a big slide and all sorts of things to climb on and a spray park. Both Reagan and Nolan loved the spray park area! I wish I had taken the camera, but I didn't know what to expect. I also needed to have my eyes on a kid at all times so it probably wouldn't have worked. Anyway, they donned their Alcatraz Swim Team shirts afterward and we went to dinner with Uncle Sam & Aunt Deb.
When we left the swim park, Bill commented that even while Nolan's hair was soaking wet, he could not see the scar. The child's resilience is amazing, but so were the skilled hands of his plastic surgeon. All I worried about during the surgery was the neurological part and making sure that was all going to be OK. I'm not going to lie, once we knew he was all good the thought of that snaking scar on my sons head freaked me out, but almost 6 months later there is no trace. Operation smoperation.

Saturday started off a bit low-key. The boys hung out and watched cartoons.

After lunch Reagan, Nolan and I went over to my moms to visit for a bit. They enjoy playing on her patio and she needed some cheering up as she is in considerable pain and is worried about the surgery on Wednesday. Leave it to R & N to put a smile on her face.

When we came home, Bill had spent considerable amounts of time and energy hacking away at the woods in our backyard. He has reclaimed about 12 feet of yard and it looks awesome. It is really starting to shape up and it appears that the poison ivy is under control for now.

The kids get more curls with each degree that the humidity rises. She is such a pistol. You can just see ornery written on her face. I love it!

Yes, that is a wife-beater our son is wearing.

Why, you ask?!

Why, he is practicing his Kid Rock impersonation! (Hey, his new song , All Summer Long, is darn catchy. I'm not a fan, but anyone that can sample Sweet Home Alabama and Werewolves of London in one song deserves props!)

Really, that was my shirt when I was a babe.

Why was I wearing a wife-beater?!

Who knows, but it is one of the few things my mom saved that a boy could wear so he did along with a pair of camouflage shorts. He pulled it off very well.

My boy, the rock star.

Sunday morning I woke up with a hankering for pancakes. There is place right down the street that I used to go to when I lived here as a teenager. Just a hole-in-the-wall bar in a marina that serves greasy fries and burgers. They do breakfast on the weekend and the sign has been taunting me for several weeks now. The kids woke up on cue and off we went. We were the only ones in the place at 8am, but I hear it gets pretty packed around 9am so we will make that our go-to spot when we can be out the door around 8am. The kids had fun and the pancakes were awesome.

Reagan is now into naming body parts. She knows eyes, nose, teeth, tongue, and belly button very well. Nolan does too, but he does not play the game like Reagan does. He points and moves on to something else. She points, tries to say the word, points again, pokes at you, etc.

He is still such a lover.

I guess we'll work on "ears" next.

They also had their 1st sucker after dinner. We'll let Reagan explain what she thought of it.

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I love the pic of the boys watching cartoons - how cute is that!

How r things with you Shel?