Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You Gotta Go!

"'s time for you to leave you've worn out your welcome it's time for you to go." -Mighty Mighty Bosstones*
(posted by Bill)
No joke-the Clinic said "Enough!", and has sent mommy and Nolan home. They are on their way, and Nolan is hungry. They could've caught a bite at Table 45 while they were there. *our friends in Abby Normal and the Detroit Lean do a killer cover of this and other ska nuggets


Anonymous said...

Wow, they wasted no time getting you guys home. Yeah! I am sure Nolan will be giving Mommy and Daddy the run around soon. I am glad everything went well this morning. :)KGW

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! We'll see you sometime this weekend when we are in Cleveland!

XOXOXO Cat, Andrew, Zoe & Evan

chrissy.neiman said...

Super news....glad to hear all went well.

Hugs, Kisses and Much Love to All of you ~ UB & AC