Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who Would You Google?

Out of the blue an old friend of Bill's called on Tuesday. It has been probably 15 years since Bill last spoke to Bill. Just one of those drift apart kind of deals. His name often comes up in conversation, especially when the drinks are flowing and the talk is about the good old days. He was before my time but I feel like I know him. I gave him Bill's number and they spent some time catching up. I am really happy for Bill. There are certain people in your past that you always wish you had kept in touch with, but more often than not it gets pushed to the bottom of the list and you never do it. (Bill adds:) My friend's medical career took him out of state. He was also a skilled army reservist. We assumed that, when the War broke out, he'd be in some spider hole waiting to pull someone's bacon out of the fire, and then we kind of lost touch. It wasn't until Google started making people findable (if they're on the 'net) to search again (this was demonstrated when the VA was able to locate me when my father, who had dropped off the grid a long time ago, was ill). Sam found a possible link to our friend last year, and we had talked about sending out a feeler to see if that was him. Of course with the twins, and everything else that's gone on in the past year, it's one of those things that I (regretably) never got around to doing. In the mean time, he found me. With all of my activities (Porsche Club, professional, cooking, etc.), I have a fairly large electronic "footprint". I am happy that Bill was able to pull the trigger on that. It is great to hear that he is doing well, having retired not only as a decorated veteran, and medical pro, but as a police officer. The irony is, he went on to culinary school! We used to talk about "recipes", but not beurre blanc! Talking about Top Chef or Gordon Ramsay would never have crossed my mind. I am hoping that we will get to see each other soon. -bp It got me thinking about who in my past I'd want to get back in touch. Fortunately I keep in touch with a lot of people so my list is pretty short. There is one girl I was friends with in 1st grade. She had the best swimming pool. She moved to California and I never heard from her again. I'd like to know what her life is like, so Beatrice Uljanic if you are out there, drop me a line. Who would you want to be back in touch? What is stopping you from trying to find them? Go ahead, goggle them, I dare you! Let me know what happens.

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