Sunday, June 22, 2008

Massages & Martinis

Sounds like fun, right? Well, it was. Kathy and I each had gift certificates to use for a local day spa so we got massages and I indulged in a pedicure as well. So nice. I also got a free mini-facial. They were trying to sell me a set of Aveda products (such a deal at $150 for 5 applications!) As the girl was putting on the firming cream for the lines she commented that I only seemed to have laugh lines and didn't need very much. Well, if that doesn't start a girls day off right! Not enough to make me want to drop $150 though. After the pampering we headed to Noosa Bistro for lunch and martinis. We entered the restaurant and were almost knocked over by the smell. It was a combo of fish and that cheap hotel odor. There were two tables seated and one guy at the bar. We asked to sit outside since that is where the $5 martinis are being served and it got us away from the smell. We debated leaving, but thought we'd give it a chance once we looked over the menu (and tasted our martinis). The food was good, but the place just misses the mark on what it is trying to be. I had a chicken flatbread sandwich with fontina, roasted red pepper and spinach. I subbed the frozen fries for homemade chips and was glad I did. Really why bother with the frozen fries?! The day wasn't about the food as much as it was about spending time catching up, reminiscing, and sharing some laughs. Neither of us drink that much anymore so a one martini lunch was enough to get us giggly. Of course, one wasn't enough for me and I drank my dessert in the form of a carrot cake martini. Hey, I wasn't driving. I had a great time getting pampering and spending the day with Kath, but the highlight was the tickle session the 4 pchaks shared in bed when I got home. We were all supposed to take a nap, but 2 of the 4 of us were not sleepy (guess which 2?) so we all got silly and had a fun time. What an awesome day!

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