Thursday, June 5, 2008

Doing Well

Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers.

Nolan and I were very thankful to have Aunt Jan & Uncle John at the hospital to help us out. They were a big help to Mommy in her attempts to make Nolan comfy after surgery. 1 angry flailing baby, 1 glass bottle of pedialyte, graham crackers and an IV in the foot would have been difficult for Mommy to handle on her own.

Nolan and I got home after 1pm yesterday and he was a little out of sorts, but by dinner was ready to go. He ate his current fave mashed potatoes and city chicken and was ready for bed. It was a long day for everyone.

He seems to be doing well today and is on straight Tylenol. We gave him the Tylenol with codeine last night just to be sure he wasn't in pain for the night.

They are going to have an indoor play today (rainy and stormy today) so they will get to try out one of their birthday presents, the Hide and Seek Combo (thanks Sam, Nate, & Isabella!)

Here is Mr. Happy (that is what his shirt says) playing on the toy that causes the most problems in our house. Reagan was sitting on it last week and Nolan reached over and pulled her hair to try to get her to move. She pushed him away and he fell. They both got a stern "that was not nice talk" and the toy went bye-bye for the rest of the day. You can see his bandage peeking over the shirt collar.

Reagan is a very cautious walker and she has excellent balance. Here she is bending to pick up a toy and then going on her merry way. Check out the curls. It is SO humid today. Guess they couldn't avoid the humidity hair, between Bill and I they will probably look like Monica Geller in "The One In Barbados".

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