Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Watch Doe

She hangs out for hours in our woods. Bill grills dinner and she still sits there. The bears worked on the house and she watched. I bring the kids out to play and she stands guard. I feel bad for her, she doesn't have anywhere else to go, no place to run without fear of getting hit by a car. She can stay as long as stays out of my garden!

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Anonymous said...

We need to bring you some Farmer's Bags to tie on a few bamboo poles in the corners of your box...this should keep the doe from tasting your garden. But I love that she is watching. After all, who better to keep track of the one with the eyelases and the one with the beautiful bathing suit?

If I thought Zin would cooperate and lift his leg on the side of the box, that would work, too. But, Farmers bags are the best.

Especially since you don't have dogs...who find them to be delicious...and then bring them up during the night, on top of your bed!

Linda G