Wednesday, June 25, 2008

That's A Wrap.....Almost

The bears are about ready to pull up stakes and move on out. I've really come to like foreman bear. Yes, he likes to drinky-drinky, but he is very precise at what he does. He has to work with the people Head Bear give him and, at times, that is difficult. Like yesterday. (you didn't think the bears could leave without another story, could you?) Foreman bears normal partners-in-crime were not around so some replacements were brought in. He gave instructions to them and sent them on their way to hang awnings and gutters. Now the one replacement bear, we'll call Charlie. As in Manson. He has some lovely ink smack dab in the middle of his forehead and his eyes go all wonky just like Mansons. He also walks around and talks loudly to himself. Charlie was charged with the task of putting the awnings back up over the bathroom window and the door that leads from our upstairs office to the rooftop patio above our 3-season room. My mom and the kids were in the backyard playing and I ran in the house to take a shower since I had just touched some poison ivy (please don't let me get it, please don't let me get it!) When I came back out, Charlie was measuring something over the sliding door on our 3 season room downstairs, no where near where he needed to be. I thought maybe while I was in the shower his assignment got changed and he was off the awning duty. Nope. He was going to hang an awning over that slider. Mind you it is more than double the size of the awning itself, but he had taken the time to measure the door, measure the awning, and figure out how to center it over the slider. Then he drilled 4 holes into the new siding to hang it. I have no idea at what point Foreman bear figured out what was going on, but quickly all the replacement bears were scampering into vehicles and high tailing it out of our yard. Foremen bear gets real quiet when he gets very angry because he calmly and quietly came to the door and said he sent everyone home and he'd be finishing up tomorrow with his regular crew. He explained what happened and that they would replace that siding tomorrow. You could see the disgust on his face. I just laughed. You knew something like this was going to happen.

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Nancy Heller said...

Glad to see you are able to laugh - it sure beats the alternative!