Thursday, June 26, 2008

Smart, Smart Babies

Are 13 month olds supposed to understand cause and effect or if/then statements?

Ours do.

Last week when they have shown signs of being ready for a nap, I have said to them...."If you are tired and want to take a nap, please go to the stairs." You know what, they toddle right over to the gate and wait for me to open it so they can go upstairs. That is a lot of instruction for a 13 month old to follow.

First, they need to understand they are tired.

Then they need to know what a nap is.

Finally they need to follow the direction of "go to the stairs."

This week they have mastered the concept of going outside. They go to the correct gate, the one leading through the kitchen, when I tell them we are going outside or going bye-bye.

Yesterday I was tickling Reagan's belly and I showed her her belly button. She repeated it a couple of times "bel but" was about all she could get out, but that is what it is! She remembered this morning where the belly button was, but she had a shirt on and couldn't figure that one out!

We hung out at the beach today. Well our version of the beach sans sand. The baby pool inside the play yard with some toys and an umbrella. They had a great time.

Those lashes just kill me. Look at how they reflect on his cheek!

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