Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nolan's Results

Nolan and I trekked down to the Clinic this morning for his surgery follow-up. Of course our ENT was the on-call ENT for emergencies today AND of course, there was an emergency 5 minutes before our appt. Nothing like turning what should have been a 10 minute appt into a 90 minute ordeal!!! At least they gave me free parking since we had to wait so long.

Anyway, the best news is that the "thing" on Nolan's neck was a "mature piece of cartilage" and "shows no signs of malignancy." While that was never in the forefront of my mind because our ENT was so sure it was an "accessory ear," there was still that little voice in the back of my head that wouldn't rest until we got the report.

He was a trooper and got another layer of skin glue applied and a new bandage that can come off in 5 days and then we can go swimming. In Reagan's words "Get Ready!" Uncle Sam & Aunt Deb.

We have 3 further follow-ups for Nolan. One for his astigmatism (both eyes) next week. Really not looking forward to having his eyes dilated again as I'm sure he is not either.

The other two follow-ups are in a month. One with the ENT and then a few days later with his plastic surgeon to take the "after" pictures of his head. I don't need to see the before shots. I came across some for a project I'm working on (shh.....don't tell Bill) for Father's Day and it made me cry. How was it possible that the doctor swore these pushed in temples and ridge down the center of the forehead were somehow going to correct themselves?

As a parent, we all think our kids are the cutest, smartest, etc. We never want to thing about the things that could be wrong, even if we know in the back of our head and heart that something is just not right. I am so thankful that I listened to that inner Mommy voice, otherwise my son would be a Klingon for the rest of his life. A a parent you have to be your child's advocate, you are their voice until they have their own. I am so glad I spoke up and didn't back down for him.

(this picture was taken the first time we ever looked at what would be come our new house.)

Here they are just the other day. Doing all sorts of climbing and playing just inches from where the above picture was taken.

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