Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

So much to say, but I'll try to be brief....LOL

The HB Bears saga CONTINUES. The air did get fixed on Friday, thank God. This pertains to the roof leak they apparently fixed after they did our roof in the fall. BEEP. WRONG ANSWER.

I had some baby clothes in the garage that I needed to put away. I discovered they where wet from were the roof leaked all over them after the big rain we had a couple of days ago. Yeah, not a happy camper.

Bill called Head Bear because I was so mad, I could not even speak. (wow, we found something to shut me up!) He came right over and eventually found the leak and allegedly fixed it. He also bought us a new chimney cap "free of charge" and installed it while he was up there. They have to come back and do some drywall work in the garage because it has started to mold. Great, more time with the bears. They might as well park a trailer in the driveway for the summer.

It was kind of funny because while he was working, we were having a dinner party. Nonny Linda, Granpda Fred, Aunts Jan & Deb, and Uncles John & Sam were over to see the kids and bring us dinner. (of course Bill had to smoke meat as well ;-) Every so often he'd peer in the living room window as he would go up and down the ladder. I didn't feel bad for one moment.

Here's some food porn from Saturday for you.

Wouldn't you like to be one too?

Brisket as big as your head! It was outstanding.

On Friday we took a ride out to DeBonne Winery for the annual Balloonfest. Kind of an oxymoron the last couple of years since no hot air balloons seem to ever go up due to "weather conditions."

Our neighbor came with us and the kids adore her. Nice to have an extra set of hands now that both Reagan and Nolan have pretty much mastered walking. We were seating on a hillside so that is why I say pretty much. They took a few tumbles, but had fun rolling anyway.

Nolan got to hang with his girlfriend, Aunt Deb.

Reagan made a new friend, Michael. I love this picture.

There's our funny boy doing what he does best. Laughing.

Sunday, the Hartridges were in town and it is always good to catch up with them. Wish we could do that more often. All the kids are growing so fast and I miss having them around. We sure had a lot of fun times when they lived here.

Here is Nolan enjoying his tent & tunnels

(our son the tunnel rat)

Reagan having fun with Uncle Bobaboey

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