Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Can't Even Make This Up

You remember that seeing-red-angry feeling I spoke about a few days ago when the HB Bears made it snow in my house? It happened again tonight. I've had that feeling maybe three other times in my life and I've now had it twice in 6 days. Let me rewind a bit to tell a funny aside before getting to the heart of the what has my ire up now. Yesterday I ran out once Nolan got settled into a nap to get his prescription filled. On the way home I stopped at our local Convenient Food Mart for some to-go withs for dinner. As I pulled into the lot there is Head Bear & Foreman Bear getting out of a truck. When I left the house they were busy doing siding and cleaning up from the insulation. They see me pull in and kind of share a laugh. I know what they are going shopping for and it is not potato salad. Foreman Bear walks into the store in front of me and grabs a bag from the counter and walks to the back of the store..... to Ta-da.....the beer coolers. I just had to laugh that he thought he was being all sneaky and I wouldn't know what was in the bag. When I got home I told Bill the story and he said he knew they had beer because Foreman B was walking around with the bag (that by this time was wet from the sweat of the bottles and the plastic was sticking to it so you could see right through it.) Whatever. If it makes them work faster........ The plan was for them to finish up the back & north sides of the house on Wednesday and then go do another job and come back next Tuesday. That is fine since I figured Nolan could use some quality naps with no construction noises for the next couple of days to get healed up. They were actually getting a lot done and what is done looks very nice so we were all getting along. We joked about them getting out of our hair for a few days, they thanked us for the hospitality (LOL), and off their little van sputtered leaving a puddle of oil as a thank you. Fast forward less than 24 hours..... Around 6:30pm we decide to put the air conditioning on. It was really humid (see Reagan's hair in my previous post to prove it!) I took Reagan P. upstairs to give her a bath (Nolan is not allowed just yet) and I ask Bill if the vents were open because it was still steamy, smoking hot upstairs. I thought maybe the vents got closed when the insulation was flying last week. He checks and says they are all open and he feels air. Um....yeah, sure, but I wasn't going to argue. We put the kids down about 7:30p and I see Bill outside looking at the A/C unit. He comes in perplexed. Something from the compressor is missing. LIKE THE PART THAT MAKES THE AIR COLD. Apparently when the HB Bears moved the A/C unit this week part of it never made it back! Bill calls Head Bear and within 10 minutes Foreman Bear shows up. By this time the kids are so hot they can't even sleep and I've got them back downstairs just to get out of the stifling heat. Bill comes in and says FB is going to the store and will be back. In the meantime we get another fan going in the kids room, strip them down to their diapers, and read them a couple of stories to calm them down. I go into the upstairs bathroom (the A/C unit is just below) and I hear Bill tell FB that "It is a good thing Head Bear's company is insured because if our house burns down tonight we'll just sue him." WTF? FB mumbles something in that incoherent speak we all have spoken before. Drunk talk. This guy is f'ing wasted and he is working on electricity at our home and he is going to rig something up for tonight. Oh no, he is not! Cue the redness. I go downstairs and calmly (amazing, I know) tell Bill to ask him to stop and not waste all our time and then I call Head Bear. I tell him that Bill has been more than fair, but I am at the breaking point and have had enough shenanigans and that tomorrow morning I will be stopping payment on the check we gave him for the completed insulation job if this is not fixed first thing in the morning. PROPERLY. BY SOMEONE THAT IS NOT INTOXICATED. He is getting all flustered (Paula made him cry when they worked on her house and did some questionable stuff) and says he is pulling up in front of the house now. He doesn't know I'm standing in the kitchen window and he comes around the corner and tells FB that I just called him and was "really mad." Damn skippy I am mad. My son is up there with gauze and tape (that 2nd skin stuff) all over his neck, he is hot and uncomfortable and I can't do much about it since he doesn't even want me to hold him. I told him it was very nice of FB to come over and try to help us (I realize he will be finishing up the siding next week so I have to be careful here), but his solution is not safe (hell, even Bill thought it was questionable so it must have been bad.) I said if it were just Bill and I it would not be a big deal, but when your f-ups make my kids uncomfortable that is when I have a problem. In no uncertain terms I told him I was sorry we agreed to have them do this work. I told them Bill has been very nice (good cop/bad cop....we do it well), but I was done and now I was going to be a bitch. Blah, blah, blah. When they left, I asked Bill if he thought I had been too mean. Really, I don't like being mean to people. I'm a lover, not a fighter. He said no and I think he really meant it. Not that patronizing-husband answer he thought I wanted to hear. Maybe I wasn't mean enough, HB didn't cry for me!

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On second thought, please don't give me their number! Scary! KGW