Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eye See You

Nolan had his 2nd visit with the Opthamologist today. We are happy to report that Nolan does NOT need glasses as of this visit!!!!! His astigmatism was very slight in one eye today and not enough to warrant glasses. We go back in a year to check on things. We just have two more follow-ups in July for his neck and head and we are off of doctors for good. Yeah right, I wish. I'm sure the pediatrician will be calling me soon to get them in for the MMR shot I am delaying. An update on what they are doing and saying these days: Nolan barks, hisses, gives hugs & kisses to dolls, climbs (but not as high as Reagan he has those short stuff legs to contend with). Nolan says momma & dadda, but is otherwise a man of few words at the moment. We have to work on keeping the paci out so he chats more. Reagan hisses, meows, moos, blows kisses, hugs her dolls, climbs up onto the couch. Reagan's vocabulary includes: Baby, keys, ball, Bob, Debbie, momma, dadda, kitty, cat although at times it sounds like she is saying a lot of things, I think it is just gibberish that we make into stuff.

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