Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend

OK, so I see I never got around to uploading any pictures from Memorial Weekend. It was a busy one. We hung out with lots of friends and enjoyed a couple of very nice meals out. One at Mark & Karen's to try out their new grill and a lovely dinner party at Nonny Linda & Grandpa Fred's to try out some Kurobuta pork. It was excellent!!! The kids reach their limit by 7:30-8pm so they were early nights for us. Sam, Deb & Ginger came over for dinner one night as well. Uncle Sam helped Daddy hang the kids swing and they love it! Reagans intake of breath and a hearty giggle were enough to make that clear.

Meeting new friends, Sierra and Zoe at Mark & Karen's house.

Enjoying a picnic while Aunt Deb & Ginger look on

Playing in the new sand & water table


Reagan loves the cookies Aunt Deb brings her!

Reagan and Uncle John checking out some leaves

She loves being up high!

Our movie star

On Monday we went to Downtown Willoughby to watch the Memorial Day parade. At our old house we were on the parade route, so we just had to walk out our front door to see a parade that was about an hour long. New times call for new parades so we packed up the wagon and drove a few miles to see a parade. The drive to the parade was longer than the parade, no joke!!!! It lasted about 5 minutes. Very disappointing. We will stake out a new parade next year. At least we found out the sirens and a marching band don't scare the kids. It gives me hope for fireworks. Of course, we can't see those from our front yard anymore and Euclid puts on a great show so we might have to go back there for fireworks.

Watching the parade

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