Wednesday, August 13, 2008

15 Month Update

The kids had their 15 month appointment and got a good once over to check for any hidden injuries from the car accident. We were there for over 2 hours and Reagan and Nolan did really well. They first saw a resident and they warmed up to her quickly. Nolan even picked her pocket and she never knew it. Reagan put on a show for everyone....doing ring around the rosy, body parts, talking, pointing, laughing. Nolan did well too. She is not concerned that he doesn't talk as much yet since, obviously he has someone else to do that for him! They are both in fine health. I don't think the doctor was too happy that I (yet again) delayed the MMR vaccine. I told her at 18 months I would consider breaking it up and doing 1 shot every 6 weeks or so. I'm not sure I'll even do that, but I need to research more. Here are the stats: Reagan 22lbs, 8ozs, 2' 6 3/4" Nolan 22lbs, 3oz, 2' 7" We are sure their height calculation is off. We measure them once a month on a growth chart and Reagan is always taller. When they stand next to each other, she is taller. Maybe it is an illusion since she is so long-legged and he is longer in the torso. They are hitting all the milestones.....kicking & throwing a ball, stacking blocks, holding a spoon, naming body parts, etc. Their vocabulary is supposed to be 4-10 words at this point. Nolan is right there (momma, papa, circle, moon, what'sthat, ball, done). Reagan is off the chart (ball, boat, plane, momma, dad, papa, cat, kitty, jeepy, b (for boxster), circle, fan, done, blue (for blueberry), swing.) On the car front, all is quiet. We got the kids new carseats and just have to wait for someone to pick the old ones up so they can be destroyed. The rental car is a Dodge Charger. It is fast. I've never driven a car with a hemi so I have to watch the speed. I'm picking up some canning supplies from various people through Craigslist so I'll probably be having canning adventures soon. I've already done 3 batches of refrigerator pickles and they are so good. This last batch is all for Bill since I did a dill/red pepper version. We had dinner at Bar Cento last night and they had some beer vinegar for the frites. It got me thinking about doing something with a beer vinegar and the pickles, garlic, and onions idea I have in my head. Here are some pictures from the last week. Picnic at the lake with Grammy. We caught up with Bill's cousin Jim and his wife Kelly last Thursday night. They were in town for his high school reunion. The kids took to them quickly and enjoyed making some music together. We walked down to the lake and watched a storm blow in. It was cool because the sun was setting and it was orange, but to the east you could see rain storms and behind them it was pink. Very pretty. Party at Mike & Amy's last Saturday. A big storm blew in and instead of keeping the kids contained to the garage I decided a little water wouldn't do any harm so we played in the rain. I haven't done that in years. It is pretty fun to stomp in puddles and splash. Aunt Deb and I had fun out there with the kids. They sure do love her. When Reagan saw her she grabbed her hand and put her face on it and said "awww." That is a Reagan kiss. Our bucket-head Another bucket-head!

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