Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life's A Beach

Aunt Deb and I took the kids to Fairport Harbor Beach yesterday. What a fun time! SO much nicer than the Headlands. Nolan loved the water, Reagan didn't. Reagan loved playing in the sand, Nolan was so-so about it. They both loved the jungle gym and slide. Reagan contemplating the water, fingers went right in the mouth. If I would have let him go, he would have been running into the water I packed some snacks for a picnic and Reagan came right over and dug in. She sat on the blanket with Aunt Deb and ate blueberries and crackers. All Nolan cared about was his juice box, a special treat they don't get too often. Everyone was tired, but teething pains woke both the kids up last night. Reagan went right back to sleep, but Nolan couldn't so he watched Dinner Impossible with me and then he went back to bed. No better way to end the day then watching Cleveland chef, Michael Symon, kick some butt serving up an awesome meal on Alcatraz while cuddling with my baby boy.

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