Monday, August 11, 2008

Pigeon-Toed Big Blue

Let's see.....what part of my day was not spent doing something regarding the car accident.
I was either on the phone, going to the tow company, going to the body shop, police station, a visit to urgent care, Enterprise car rental, replacing car seats, blah, blah, blah.
Bill worked from home so I could do some of these things while the kids slept. My knee bothered me on and off through the night so I decided to go have it looked at. The verdict: sprained ligaments of the left knee and pulled back muscles. He recommended I follow up with my PCP (who I have only seen once in 3 years so can I really consider her my PCP!?) and do some physical therapy.
After talking with my insurance company and consulting Britax, we decided we should replace the car seats to the tune of $594. Of course they won't pick up the whole thing since they were "used." Yeah, for about 4 months. Just sick about that.
My mom said her neck and shoulder were bothering her, but, she didn't want to go have it looked at. I tried to talk her into it, just in case something develops, but so far she is not agreeing. At least I have control over the other two passengers! They are going to the pediatrician tomorrow.
What a complete pain in the ass being in an accident is. I just hope the other insurance company doesn't drag this out.
On the way home tonight, we stopped to see the pretty sky. A good reminder that despite the crap, it could have been worse and thankfully no one was seriously hurt.
Tomorrow is a new day, and as an added bonus, my UB (Uncle Bob) is in town so we get to see him this week.

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