Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twins Days Take Two

My how times flies. It seems like we just went to Twins Days--the largest gathering of twins in the world-- just a couple of months ago, yet there we were a year later. Luckily for us, Twinsburg is just a short freeway drive away. The festivities are exactly the same, the only thing that has changed are our "babies."

August 4, 2007
Our pair of pears (onesies compliments of Grandma Nancy from CA) Funny how Reagan has wanted nothing to do with a paci since about a week after this picture.
August 2, 2008




2008 (No one could sit still for the picture and all Reagan was worried about were my teeth!)

Almost too big to share
I bought this dress for Reagan last June on my first shopping trip without them. I took the tags off today and she will probably never wear it again since it is almost too small. It is a 12 month, guess I was off in my calculations about their growth!

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