Sunday, August 10, 2008

We Interrupt This Blog.....

for a car accident. Yep, the kids, my mom and I were hit. No hit is not the proper word, plowed into is better by an idiot going WAY fast IN THE RAIN to try and beat the light and make a right hand turn into the shopping center where I was sitting at the light minding my own business. Of course I saw her coming and braced for it, so I'm sore, but at least that is the only physical injury anyone sustained. The van, however, had to be taken away on flat-bed since the drivers side wheel was pushed so far into the engine compartment that it might as well have been the passenger wheel. The kids were freaking out when I had to get into the police car for the report. Luckily we had just taken my mom grocery shopping so there was like $200 worth of groceries in the car melting away, so she was able to placate them with snacks. Until it came time to ride home in Daddy's car. Nolan SCREAMED like I have never heard him scream the whole way home. Reagan would chime in every once in a while, but she mainly tried to comfort him by rubbing his arm. It was so pitiful. My cousin Jim came up in his van and loaded up with all the kids stuff and my mom since, obviously, the five of us, double stroller, 2 booster seats, diaper bags, and groceries were not going to fit in the 911. Oh yeah, while all this was going on it was raining, no not just raining, pouring buckets. It could be worse, but this is still kind of high up on the sucky scale anyway. I'll probably stop by the towing company tomorrow to get more stuff and take pictures.


Anonymous said...

Oh NO!!!!!!!!! Weren't we just getting over the fire hydrant accident.

I hope you will be less sore tomorrow and the kids won't be to traumatized!!

Thinking of you! XOXOXO


emily said...

Most insurance companies will pay for new car seats since you are not supposed to use a seat that's been in a car that was in an accident. You should definitely check into that. I'm glad that you're all ok.

shel said...

Thanks to everyone that has emailed or posted here.

Emily-I am going to Babies R Us to pick up new car seats tonight!