Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nice Can(ning)s

My mom and Connie came over this evening for dinner and to see the kids. They ended up staying to help with bath & bed time since I am single mommy for a few days. On the way out, my mom said, "Well, now your day is over, go relax." Yeah. That is funny. After cleaning high chairs, putting away some toys, sweeping the floor, and folding two baskets of clothes, I started canning. It was my first try and, of 6 jars, I've only heard the "pop" indicating the jar sealed properly twice from the kitchen. Maybe the others popped and I didn't hear it (please let that be the case), we shall find out tomorrow when I test the seals.
I just did pickles today. Of the 6 jars, I did 4 different styles. Bread & Butter, Garlic2, X-tra Dill, Crushed Red Pepper, and Schezuan Pepper.
The canning process is pretty easy, but I need to do it a couple of times to get a work flow down.
I sure wish my Grandma was around to help me! Ican just hear her. She'd be saying, "Hey kid, now you put this do-hickey on there, add a pinch of that and you ring around that rosie, then you are done." She was a character for sure.
Post (crushed red pep & Schezuan in front on right)
Couple pictures for Daddy. Can you guess what Nolan was saying? Reagan was being stubborn (imagine that) and wouldn't look up.

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