Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Wrap

It has, once again, been a busy weekend for the Pchaks.
I've got a lot running around in my head; some really cool stuff and some not. I'll be doing my therapy and spilling my guts here in a couple of days. For now pictures will have to suffice.
Story time at the Metroparks. The theme was "Bats!"
Nolan doing his best impersonation
Bringing up the rear of the hiking pack
Windy on the bridge for Reagan and Nolan dusting off after a fall on the trail
Hanging out with Daddy
Chase's 1st Birthday party, looking a lot like his Daddy, Ed, in this pic
Nolan and a serious case of road rage
The Elmo theme made Nolan happy!
Reagan and the most phallic looking popsicle ever
Nolan helping Uncle Ed with the grill
Nolan helping himself to Uncle Ed's (empty) wine glass
Reagan did this over and over....slide down, crab crawl around the perimeter of the pool and then back up on the slide

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Elsha said...

I just caught myself up on your blog! Love all the new piccies!!!! Sorry to hear about the accident - has the car been repaired?