Monday, April 14, 2008

Baby Rave

Long gone are the days where DJ Billy (now know as Daddy) is spinning at some dark, dank warehouse on the banks of the Cuyahoga from dusk til dawn and I (AKA Mommy) leave the party at 5am to go home and make us breakfast. A very pitiful, burned, sad breakfast, but the best I can muster after an all-night party.

Welcome to Saturday, April 12, 2008 2pm. The Velvet Dog. Yes, you read that correctly. The Velvet Dog in the middle of the afternoon. We roll up to the club in the minivan, automatic doors slowly open, and squeals of delight come from the 2nd row seats. It is time for Rock N Tots. A rave for kids. Three floors of juvenile delight and the two of ours are ready to p-a-r-t-y.

We headed for the 3rd floor since it is for the non-walkers. It was set up for loads of kiddie fun. Lots of soft play mats to sit on, a tunnel with a tent to crawl through--that was a favorite of both Reagan and Nolan-- and completing the scene were two diaper stations in the corner.

Floor 2 was where the "rave" was going on. The music was not set to "deafening" as it usually is in 'da clubs. Nolan and Reagan had fun trying to catch the lights as they made patterns on the floor. This is where I discovered that no matter how much a bar can try to clean itself up, it is still a bar. The kids hands, knees, and tops of their socks were filthy. Just as their mothers used to be back in the day. If you didn't know me then, lets just say that crowds overwhelmed me sometimes when I was a little tipsy (ok, downright drunk) and I felt safe being away from it all. Usually that meant taking up residence under a table. Don't laugh. I had followers. There were usually 4 or 5 of us under there at times. It was a new perspective and we got into some deep conversations under those gum-ridden tabletops. We solved lots of the worlds (and our own) problems there. I digress.

Here they are shaking their booties.....

The kids favorite part of the event seemed to be finding places to look at themselves. This is the thing they find really funny lately.

When the kids are older they will enjoy even more of this event. Our friends daughter got some tats, you could get your nails done, chair massages for moms and dads, and mini-facials. A little something for everyone. The bar was stocked with Juice Boxes, fruit, and little munchies. Pizza was provided by Bar Cento and Nolan was all over that. He practically pulled the piece I was eating out of my mouth. Good thing we are going there tomorrow night and he can make his own pie for Cook Chefin' With Cento Kids Night. There is a ramp pizza callin' my name.
Now back to scrubbing the dirt off of Reagan's leggings...... next time she will wear overalls :-)


Michelle Trif said...

ohmygod! I LOVE this! I wish we had a place like that around here! Your post was so well written - one of my faves so far! And those kiddie - I could just eat them up! They are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Just hilarious! While Reagan still looks somewhat suspicious, Nolan is pure joy!!!Like Michelle wrote...I, too, could eat them up!
Also, I want whatever it is that Reagan is my size!

What a marvelous idea for a bar to turn itself over to kids in the afternoon. And what a hoot. If only they would scrub themselves down better! Eh??? I cannot wait to see Nolan eat his Bar Cento Pizza tonight. Hopefully his beautiful sister will, too.