Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Eating Machines

All of a sudden my babies have no use for formula. They want FOOD. Not food we can feed them so much, but food they can shove into their mouths themselves. They used to drink 320zs of formula a day, in the past couple of months that has dropped to about 24, now they are down to about 16ozs. They drink water as well and juice once in a while, but they would rather eat.

Tuesday night we went to Bar Cento for kids chefin' night with Nonny Linda, Grandpa Fred, and some of Linda's family. Her grandkids made some lovely pizzas, heavy on the cheese! My kind of kids. Nolan and Reagan inhaled a marinara that Chef Sawyer whipped up for them. Nolan shoved so many pieces in his mouth he looked like a chipmunk. Reagan eats one at a time. She did a great job eating not only the pizza, but some olives and fries as well. The grown-ups enjoyed a ramp pizza among many other things.

I tried to forage for ramps Wednesday in the park, but we were not successful. Perhaps a double wide jogging stroller prohibited me from finding just the right spots. No matter, the kids had a great time in the fresh air and they took an almost 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Unheard of from them!

We tried the big bathtub for the first time. I think it will be back to the kitchen sink for us. It will be easier to deal with mopping the floor from the splashes rather than chasing two slippery little butts all over a tub. It is a job for two people whereas one person can handle them both in the sinks. If we continue to use the tub, we will have to invest in those bathtub rings.

It has finally warmed up and the kids are enjoying going for runs with Daddy, walks with Mommy, or just hanging in the backyard. It is going to be a fun summer for them, so many new things to explore. Let's just hope they stay out of the woods in our backyard that are rumored to have poison ivy in them!

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