Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Food Find For Reagan and Nolan

The kids are very into feeding themselves these days. You can sneak in a spoon or two of applesauce or yogurt, but they much rather have something to pick up and pop in their pie holes. It also gives Reagan something to throw overboard when she is full, but that is for another post. (I love her so much, but she is a PISTOL! I have a feeling she will be my greatest challenge in life. Yeah, yeah, paybacks. I get it!)

On Tuesday, we went to visit Aunt Connie at work. She does hair at the local nursing/assisted living home. Aunt Connie loves Reagan and Nolan just about as much as their Grammy does, so everyone at the home "knows" them. Especially Adelle. She thinks they are her grand kids. She keeps pictures of them on her bulletin board in her room and talks about them all the time. We've never even met Adelle..... until yesterday. Chalk it up to doing a good deed for the day because it made my heart happy to see Adelle's face when she saw Reagan and Nolan. She just kept saying how adorable they were. Reagan really put on a show too. She did all her dance moves and made faces. Nolan clicked his tongue, but he was sleepy so no show from Nolan.

Reagan and Mrs. Adelle

After driving around while the kids napped (hey, gas is $3.20/gallon, but you do what you gotta do!) We stopped at Longo's for a bite. I love their meatballs calzones and salad. Nice garlicky meatballs. The kids usually get a grilled cheese or chicken fingers, but I saw that they had cheese ravioli on the kids menu so I thought I'd give it a try. What a mess, but they LOVED them.

Nolan with a booger of ricotta

That's right....rub it in!

Reagan liked the sauce....really she did!

For those of you that enjoy the many faces of Reagan....... here is a good one!

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