Monday, April 21, 2008


I just finished reading this book, Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella. She generally writes good "beach" books, as I call them. Items I pick at library book sales, take to my beach vacation, read them and leave them in the lobby bookcase. I once took some books on a girls trip and they were all clinkers. I relied heavily on the kindness of others and that lobby bookcase so I always leave a little something behind!

Anyway, the premise of the book is that the main character, Lexi, gets into a car accident and suffers a bump on the head. She wakes up in hospital (Kinsella is British) and thinks it is 2004, not present day. She learns that she is unhappily married and doesn't remember her husband since they met less than 3 years ago, she is now a big deal at the company she works for but she doesn't remember how she moved from "just" sales to boss, and she is having an affair with a totally hot (inside and out) guy that she doesn't even remember meeting. She finds that she doesn't like the person she has become in the time she has has "lost."

As I read this book on the treadmill at the Y, I got to thinking (I tend to zone out around 40 minutes. That, and my mp3 player died.) what would it be like to have amnesia? To wake up and think it is 2004 and know nothing about your life today. To learn about the person you have become and find that you don't exactly like the path your life has taken. What would you do about it.....just sit back and fall into the life you have been living or go back to who you were?

One doesn't need to suffer from amnesia to examine where they are in life and do something about it, if they don't like where they are. Why do people stay in situations they don't it work, home, or a friendship/relationship? Because it is easier to do so, or too much work to do something about it?

For me, I'd never know the turmoil of all the infertility issues we went through, but then I'd never remember giving birth or the first smile, giggle, crawl, word, hug, kiss, or clap. I wouldn't know my own kids. Thank goodness I'd at least know my husband since we have been together for (eek) 10 years this coming November. I'd remember my honeymoon, but not the most breathtakingly beautiful sight on the sun rise from the patio of the guest house of Terra Valentine Winery,

I'd be living in a new house and have no clue all the work we did (Last September was a little like having amnesia anyway. We were running on autopilot so much that I don't remember most of it.)

I'd wake up and wonder what the hell we are still doing in Iraq. I'd be shocked at how the people of NOLA suffered so much before real help arrived and wait a minute, Brittney Spears has not one, but two kids and has finally fallen off the deep end!!!

I better take those toys away from my kids because they are tainted with lead and so are the bottles I'm letting them drink out of, don't feed them spinach, and wait another minute, Harry Potter marries Ginny Weasley!?!?!?!?
Football players are running dog fights, baseball players are hopped up on steroids, and gas costs a small fortune.

Take a minute to ponder the question..... Am I happy with the road my life has taken for the past 4 years and the person you are today? If so, good on you, keep up the good work. If not, what can you do to get back on track?


Elsha said...

wow that was deep Shel, hmm amnesia, hard to think - I'd still be fat, with Ari although I'd be wondering how I got to Australia and would have missed out on my 3 nieces and nephews being here....


I think we CAN change things NOW ~ it just takes courage and commitment.

shell said...

You got it Susan. commitment is key. As I sit here eating a chocolate chip cookie! LOL

Elsha said...

Thats ok, I just had about 5 too many pieces of crusty bread with my pumpkin soup!

Got the kids b-day presents today so will post them this week, not sure if they will make it in time for their birthdays - hard to judge the postal service between here and the states.