Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cough, Cough, Sneeze, Sneeze.....Again!

Reagan and Nolan are sick.....again! We have spent all winter passing this dreaded virus back and forth between the four of us. We took them to the doctor today and they got antibiotics. It is the first time either of them have been on them so we shall see how they do. There is nothing more pitiful than a child that can't figure out what is going on, can't tell you how they feel, or wipe their own nose! LOL Last night was an adventure. Nolan joined us first and was pretty good until around 3am when he decided he was going to play with Chandler. God bless that big old cat. He just sat there and let Nolan "pet" him (we are working on the petting motion, currently it more of a tap-tap-tap.) Then Nolan decided Chandler was a good pillow. The big kitty still just let him roll all over him. About 4am, Reagan couldn't breath and was crying in her sleep so I got up to get her and brought her into bed and propped her up in the boppy pillow Nolan had vacated. He was in Daddy's arms, but not happy anywhere at that point. He decided to climb over Chandler and Reagan to lean on me. Needless to say he and I were up rather early this morning and he napped for a couple of hours sitting in his high chair after his morning bottle. Wish I could say the same! Here's hoping they make a quick recovery!

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