Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For The Love of Sourdough

Last year when Bill was in San Fran for his work conference/vaca (yes, it is part vaca when you get to go and hang out with our friends, eat good food and drink great wine, even just for an afternoon or an evening) he sent home sourdough cheese wheels from Acme Bread Co. in the Ferry Building. If you've never had one, it has to go on your must-try list. Each bite is filled with sharp cheddary sourdough goodness. One is never enough!

Last year when the overnight express mail arrived I was pregnant......very pregnant.....with two babies. I opened the package and the smell of those cheese wheels turned my stomach. I was so sad. I tried to eat one, but the babies rebelled. No cheese wheel for Mommy. I never even told Bill because I felt so bad that he went out of his way to send them and I couldn't enjoy them. I froze them and tried after the babies were born, but as we know cheese doesn't exactly freeze well.

So yesterday I got a text message from Bill asking if the mail had arrived. I answered "Yes." He responded "Any packages." My answer "No." Damn USPS (sorry Bobabooey). Bill went out of his way to express mail a package overnight on Monday, for Tuesday delivery by noon. Nope. Didn't happen. I wasn't expecting anything since the only thing I told him to bring home for me was the burnt caramel confections from e Rechiutti. My cheese wheels were sitting at the post office downtown. Of course, it was after 5pm or I would have gone to rescue those pillows of cheesy wonder. Let me tell you, I called the USPS help line, and after spending a long time in their phone system hell, I finally got a person and gave them a piece of my mind! My cheese wheels were losing valuable eating time and now we have to go stand in line at the post office for a refund of the shipping cost!

There was a knock on the front door at 10am and low and behold, there was the man with my cheese wheels.

Excuse me, but the kids are napping and I've got to go. There is a sourdough cheese wheel calling my name.

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